Football and real-time strategy against your friends.
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Football is to live each minute as it was the last and fight until the end to get the victory. This is FC Barcelona Starscup, the most authentic and direct football competition in real time that allows you to face users from around the world.

If you think you know everything about football this is your chance to prove it, because this competition simulates an authentic match, with real players, where your decisions have an instant influence into the match: pass, dribble, stop the ball or shoot, anything you can do in a real football pitch. It’s easy, fast and funny!

Set your ideal team of your favorite Club with the cards and the tokens given you by the system. And then start the challenge, get the victory and you will be able to enhance your team with the envelopes and the packs that you’ll find into the shop. Follow these suggestions and you will get the target:

  • Take the most of your best players. Line your best striker in a good position and you’ll have more opportunities to score.
  • Choose among all the players of your collection; you can find them into the envelopes or as single cards on the Market.
  • Think fast. Your skills as a coach will make the difference during a match. Decide as quick as you can to take your rival by surprise.
  • Look for different kinds of rooms to train your team or play battles or special competitions with specific rules (without energy, without cards, quick or slow turns, etc..)

There is no need to be a football expert to play FC Barcelona Starscup, because it simulates a real football match in an easy way and you can learn to play quickly. Although step by step it will be harder to beat other rivals, because they will learn to play as well.

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Go Barça!

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